Calling all
...who are interested in expanding their horizons,
...get out of their comfort zone,
...would like to meet new people,
...immerse themselves into a different culture and visit new places this summer.

I want to invite you to come visit us here in the great southwest in the state of New Mexico, the Land of Enchantment.

Hi! My name is Angie M. and my family has been a host family for Ms. Ellie Kluge for these last two summers. We have absolutely LOVED getting to know our student and show him or her around our state and elsewhere.
Because of this program, we have made new friendships with the student and their families along with the other host families too. We have learned SO much about your beautiful country, Germany, that we would have never known about before this program.
Because of these friendships we've made, my daughter was able to come visit Germany this last summer on her own, something that would not have ever happened prior to this program. After three weeks in Germany, she came back with a more responsible attitude and feeling more self-confident in herself because of the trip abroad; something you would also see in your student should they go abroad.
I highly recommend this program that Ms. Kluge is organizing. She is offering your student a once-in-a-life-time trip to experience a different culture and to help show them how small the world really is.
Your kid will come home with a broader sense of what America is really like, a sense of responsibility for him or herself, and it builds his or her self-confidence because they have accomplished something huge in their young adult life – all character traits that cannot be taught in the classroom.

Ms. Kluge puts a lot of time and effort in this program and has done a great job to give the students every opportunity to make this trip a success for each and every one of them.
A visit to New Mexico is one of the most memorable experiences we can share with your child and it will leave them wanting to come back again! I look forward to seeing your student this coming summer!

Buenos Dias – Viva! New Mexico!



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